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Action Needed to Prevent Accident on Finisklin Road: 


Concerns are being raised for the health and safety of students of the Ursuline College, other workers accessing the Finisklin Road in Sligo, over claims that an accident may occur in the area unless preventative action is taken.


Blaine Gaffney, a Fine Gael representative in Sligo, has said that “It is only matter of time before an accident occurs in the Finisklin Road area of Sligo town due to the ongoing problems caused with illegal parking in the area and the, at times, chaotic nature of pedestrians and students crossing the road during peak times.

There are two separate issues at hand. Firstly, its unsafe to cross the road and secondly, the illegal parking is causing major problems in the area. 


“Since February 2017, a large number of parents of students at the Ursuline College Sligo, along with employees from the nearby ‘Bruss factory’, have contacted me in order to highlight the problems they face when dropping their children to and from school safely and also whilst accessing and leaving their place of work in the mornings and evenings. 


“There has already been a number of near misses in the area as people who are crossing the road could not been seen emerging from behind these illegally parked cars, whilst employees at the Bruss facility often have to take unnecessary risks when attempting to see clearly out onto the road when leaving work. “A quick trip to the area at these peak times illuminates the clear problems there is at present.


“As a result of these concerns, last month I organised a meeting between the management of the School, local businesses in the area and Sligo County Council to identify how to resolve these concerns and what is the best way forward.


“Whilst there are some long-term difficulties with resolving the ongoing traffic flow problems in the area, I am convinced that the health and safety issues arising when pedestrians are crossing the road can be resolved in the immediate to short term if there is the will to do so.


“W with Deputy Tony McLoughlin, we have also contacted the local Gardai in Sligo and the traffic wardens to ask them to take on a greater role in enforcing the traffic bylaws in the area and to be present in order to move on the illegally parked cars that are the key cause to the problems in the area.


However, we have also asked for Sligo County Council to consider applying for funding under the Department of Transport’s ‘Safety Improvement Scheme’ in order to develop a new pedestrian crossing in the area as a preventative measure.


This would, in my opinion at least, ensure that pedestrians crossing the road to use the shop or to access the cars parked legally on the other side can do so in a safe manner.  

“I am conscious, that with the increased traffic flow onto the Finisklin Road, due to the opening of a new ‘Lidl’ supermarket that these issues will be addressed as a matter of urgency and that the issues can be resolved to the benefit of all as quickly as possible. 




Mobile: 083-1335095    E-mail: blaine.gaffney@ymail.com   

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