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Taxi’s & PSV's Having High Visibility Jackets Available Could Help to Reduce Road Deaths



Taxi’s & PSV's Having High Visibility Jackets Available Could Help to Reduce Road Deaths.


Following the tragic death of another young pedestrian on Irish roads over the weekend, Fine Gael’s ‘Local Area Representative’ in Sligo, Blaine Gaffney, has today called on the Road Safety Authority (RSA) to consider issuing Ireland’s taxi companies and Public Service Vehicles (PSV’s) with their branded high visibility jackets or lights, as a relatively low cost, measure which could help to prevent similar deaths from occurring in the future.  


Gaffney stated “taxi’s and PSV’s are the most common vehicles on Irish roads at the busy weekend nighttime periods and its felt that in the event where a worried taxi driver who wishes to help, but cannot stop and take on a fare or stop and give a lift to the person they see walking on the roads in the dark, then the minimum that they can do in this situation is as a priority to provided them with a high visibility jacket or light that will allow them to be visible to passing traffic until they are wither home or until they find a free taxi. 


“Following the news of this tragic accident in Dublin at the weekend, I have been contacted about this by a concerned local taxi driver here in Sligo who has stated that people walking home on roads with no public lighting from nights out is a worrying common occurrence in Sligo and there are real fears that someone will be hurt again in similar incidents in the future. 


“I believe that there is support for this measure within the taxi industry here in Sligo and that it could be rolled out relatively easily. However, I feel that this should really become a national policy and on that basis I have wrote to the Chairperson of the RSA, Mrs. Liz O’Donnell, today to highlight to her this proposal.


I have also placed a large order for these free high visibility jackets in order to provide them to the interested taxi drivers in Sligo over the coming weeks. 


“Its only a small measure, but if followed up on by the RSA, it could save a life in the future, and for that reason I think its is very important highlight this policy and to at least try get it off the ground here in Sligo” concluded Gaffney. 



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