Blaine Gaffney
Sligo Fine Gael Area Representative

Increase In National Minimum Wage Will Be a Modest Benefit for Many in Sligo: Gaffney

Blaine Gaffney, a Fine Gael Area Representative in Sligo, has welcomed the decision of the Government to approve an increase in the National Minimum Wage of 30c per hour from January 2018.

The decision follows a recommendation from the Low Pay Commission last week.​

Gaffney stated that "around 120,000 workers will benefit nationally from the increase, and I believe that it will be warmly welcomed by many people who are currently paid the Minimum Wage in Sligo at the minute.

"The change will bring the Minimum Wage in Ireland to €9.55 and it is estimated that this change would work out as a €12 increase in a full 40 hour week.

"It is a modest increase, yes, but it's ahead of the rate of inflation and average increases in earnings and it is yet another improvement for low and middle income families. 

“It can be seen as yet another step in the right direction as we continue to recover and grow our economy in a safe and prudent manner. 

“Figures from the Central Statistics Office last April showed 10.1% of employees earned the National Minimum Wage or less last year.

"This will be the fourth increase in the minimum wage since Fine Gael came to power in 2011, and this decision today can be seen as a another move towards the commitment of a Minimum Wage of €10.50" concluded Gaffney.





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