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  • I want to bring about new levels of political accountability in Sligo’s Local Government via new communication methods and approaches.


  • To peruse prudent economic policies that focus on reducing the tax burden on our people and which support the growth enterprise in our communities and the creation of jobs.


  • I will fight to maintain and improve the levels of health services available. 


  • I will ensure that there is an increased focus on the public infrastructure in Sligo Town and Strandhill, including improvements to our roads, bus stops, footpaths, public lighting and green areas.

  • As a co-owner of a small business (Lillies Bar Sligo), I am acutely aware of the difficulties which our SME's face. As a result I will be a strong voice for business on Sligo County Council.

  • I believe that Strandhill village needs to be protected from over development. 


  • It really is too expensive to park in Sligo town at present. As a result I will campaign for a reduction to the cost of car parking from 2022 onwards.

  • Housing is a major issue in Sligo at present. I will fight to ensure that strategically reserved land banks in Sligo are re-zoned in order to ensure that more private housing developments can be built in the Sligo Urban area. 

  • I want to ensure that as Sligo's population gets older, essential services such as bus routes and bus stops are adequately provided in all areas of Sligo and Strandhill.


  • I want to ensure that a Community Dog Park is developed in Cleveragh Park in Sligo and that recreational trails and cycle ways continue to be developed in Sligo and Strandhill.


  • I want to see more public bins in Sligo and Strandhill and recycling only bins in place. 

  • I will seek to limit and restrict any drastic and/or sudden increases in the levels of our personal taxation. In my view we already pay enough for limited services in Sligo!

  • I will fight to introduce a Rates Alleviation Scheme for Mirco Businesses seeking to get established in Sligo town.


  • Broadband roll out has improved in Sligo since 2016, but there are still too many areas without a basic level of service. After the rollout of the National Broadband Plan, I will work with the successful bid company to ensure that areas left behind in Sligo are identified quickly.

  • I will support the creation of regional climate action offices to enable Local Authorities to work together in responding to climate change.

  • Working towards a better level of waste management.  

  • I will fight to ensure that all new local and public services in Sligo are available to people with disabilities.

  • I will be a strong voice for every community and every nationality living in Co. Sligo.


  • I will strongly advocate for Increased allocations of tourism funding for Strandhill and Sligo.


  • As a Government Party Member, I will fight to ensure that Sligo gets its fair share of the spoils from the Cabinet table.


  • I will put the people of Sligo and Strandhill first. Always!

What has Fine Gael in Government delivered?

1.    We launched Project Ireland 2040, our long-term plan for Ireland’s future development and includes a €116 billion National Development Plan.

2.    We achieved the highest level of employment ever in Ireland – unemployment currently stands at 5.4% - the lowest level since 2008.

3.    Over three out of five jobs have been created outside Dublin since the Government was formed in 2016. This is 94,500 jobs.

4.    We repealed the 8th Amendment with 66% of voters favouring repeal. Blasphemy was also repealed.

5.    Three Budgets have been passed, despite all the widespread predictions that the Government wouldn’t last a year in 2016.

6.    Extensive and detailed Brexit preparedness and contingency planning across all Government Departments and Agencies toprepare for all eventualities.  

7.    Total housing budget in 2019 will be almost €2.4bn, a 26% increase. This investment will see the social housing needs of almost 27,400 households met in 2019.

8.    We are implementing Sláintecare– a 10 year vision to transform Ireland’s health and social care services.

9.    Budget 2019:

·          Another increase in the level at which people pay the higher rate of income tax.

·          USC cut again.

·          Another increase in the minimum wage.

·          Increase in all social welfare payments.

·          Increase in affordable childcare.



Mobile: 083-1335095    E-mail: blaine.gaffney@ymail.com   

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