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I believe that vision in politics is very important and as a result, I think that any person seeking the privilege to represent the people of Co. Sligo should be able to describe his or her vision for our County to the electorate.

Therefore, here is mine.

We have all been touched by the curse of emigration in some way shape or from since the economic crash ten years ago. As a result I want this Constituency to be a place whereby every son, daughter, brother and sister who had to emigrate can return home to find good employment, to have a good standard of living, to be able to find a home and to again be close to their loved ones.

I want our towns and villages to be places that are easy and safe to access by road and to travel across and I want them to be places that continue to grow and attract new visitors, with infrastructural improvements and investment in social elements of our local community being key to all of this.


I also want to ensure that our farms, our shops and our homes are connected to the world at our fingertips. No matter how rural, no village or town should be left behind. As the world population increases, we need to be able to connect with it in order to stay competitive. High speed broadband is key to this. 

I want Sligo to be a place that is renowned for its brilliance, be it our scenic views, our hospitality, our sporting triumphs or our attractiveness for investment. 

In my opinion, Sligo is the best place in Ireland to be able to live and grow up in and I want to ensure that Sligo grows and develops to reach its true potential over the next decade. 



Mobile: 083-1335095    E-mail: blaine.gaffney@ymail.com   

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